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New York DWI Laws

Provided by our Rochester drunk driving defense lawyers

If you face drunk driving charges in Rochester or anywhere in Monroe County, your first action should be to call a qualified, experienced Rochester drunk driving defense lawyer.

Not just any attorney will do for a driving while intoxicated (DWI) case. Whether accused in Rochester or in Syracuse, Buffalo, or Albany, your defense should rely not on your best guess, but on the honed skills of experienced drunk driving defense lawyers like those at the Wolford Law Firm.  Your license, your reputation, and your freedom are at stake.

A drunk driving conviction in New York State has serious implications for your license and your future.  Fines, license suspensions and revocations, and even jail time can result from such cases, and the laws are becoming increasingly punitive.  An experienced Rochester drunk driving defense lawyer can minimize these punishments, protecting your license and your reputation.

Skilled drunk driving defense lawyers in Rochester can help

At the Wolford Law Firm, our lawyers keep up with the changing nature of New York DWI laws.  We can help you contest the accuracy of testing, challenge the charges, and persuade the court to apply minimum penalties, or no penalties at all. 

Although New York establishes minimum penalties for DWI convictions, the court has a great deal of leeway in applying these, and can increase the severity of the charges based on exacerbating circumstances.  For example, the penalty for a second DWI can be as low as $125, or as high as $10,000.  Jail time could be nothing, one year, or up to seven years. 

If arrested for DWI in Rochester, it is essential for you to consult experienced drunk driving defense lawyers familiar with Rochester courts and judges, who can navigate that system, and successfully fight for your rights.

DWI penalties

Penalties for drunk driving in New York may include the following:

  • Mandatory fines
  • Jail terms of up to seven years for a third offense
  • License suspension
  • License revocation
  • Installation of an ignition interlock breath analysis device in your car
  • Insurance surcharges and annual fees

Penalties grow more severe with each additional offense.  However, an experienced, capable lawyer can protect your license, rights, reputation—and future.

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